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You Plus Music Equals Amplified Workouts

ga1 You Plus Music Equals Amplified Workouts

It’s true music grooves you.

Do the type of music you listen to set your mood?  Do some music make you sad while others make you want to dance? Listening to the right kind of music will get your body moving, the heart rate up, and have you feeling energized.  If you are an upbeat type of person that moves with music, the best way to remain active or to become active is to hit play on your music player and get your dance on.  No need for enduring boring cardio routines if you music grooves you.  The best way to stay active is to do something you love to do so that you will enjoy doing it and it won’t feel like you are working out.  WebMD shared

There’s a good reason for choosing an upbeat song over a moody ballad when you exercise. In one study, men cycled harder and quicker, and enjoyed it more, when listening to faster music.

Feel the beat. Turn up the heat.  Let’s groove into shape.

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