Yaaaaaassssssssssss: NeNe & Gregg Leakes Are Getting Married…. Again!!!!

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I’m in love with NeNe and she know who, ‘cuz I sho’ want her back to be my boo…. 

It’s no secret that Gregg was working hard to get his ex-wife NeNe Leakes back. To many, it never even seemed like the two were even divorced because they were always spotted around town, at events and vacationing together. Many seemed to forget that they had been together over 17 years and that they still had a son, Brent, they had to raise.

I don’t know about y’all but I was tickled pink when I heard that the Leakes’ were getting married again. Gregg popped the question, again, on New Year’s Eve. He started off by treating NeNe to a romantic dinner then the two headed back to their condo where she was woo’d even more with rose petals, strawberries & chocolate, champagne and a huge heart on the bed made with Hershey’s kisses. So we’re safe to assume that’s where Gregg got down on one knee and got back his boo. NeNe tweeted:

“My Answer Was Yes!”

I had always been rooting for them [fades to transparent] because as a married woman who is currently going through a divorce, I’ll be the first to tell you it ain’t easy, and I’m sure it’s twice as hard with children involved. Fortunately for me, and my soon-to-be ex-husband, we didn’t have any children together although we’ve been married 6 years (together 7). With or without children, it still has been very hard for me. And with all these crazy azz jokers out here killing their girlfriends and stuff, I’m sho’ not looking forward to that single life again. **sigh** So, I can’t even blame NeNe for hanging close to Gregg even after divorce ‘cuz these folks cray out here in these streets!!!

Anywho, enough about me!!!! A huge CONGRATS is definitely in order the the Leakes’ and I’m looking forward to a Bravo wedding. **hint, hint**

Peep the pics below of Gregg setting NeNe up for the proposal.

And for funners, check out the clip of Gregg declaring he’s gone make NeNe back his boo… That’s what I’m talmbout, spoke that thang into existence…. Alright now!!!

[Sidenote: Can’t wait to see that ROCK. I know it’s got to be twice as big the second time around…]



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Are Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Collaborating To Release 'Ratchet' Track???
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