Why Working Out In A Mirror Helps Keep You Motivated



It may be scary at first, the thought of you looking at your out of shape body in the mirror but reality is IT’s YOU!!!

Taking a look in the mirror and having photos to capture past times is a great way to help keep your physique in check.  The worse thing you can do is run from the mirror.  When you are trying to get fit or remain fit, the mirror is your friend.  It is your internal motivation.

Working out in front of the mirror have so many benefits.  

  • helps keeps your eye on the goal
  • helps you see the muscle you are working
  • helps you visualize your body changing
  • makes you workout harder
  • keeps you looking yourself directly in the eyes so that you are forced to commit to your fitness
  • when you look at yourself in the mirror you look in your eyes and say ‘I can do this’ and you keep pushing

So, if you are having a hard time staying on track with your fitness grab a body length mirror and get your workout on in front of your mirror.  You will be surprise how much harder you will push yourself to the next fitness level all because you are staring you in the eyes.  You don’t want to disappoint you DO YOU?

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