What You Twerking Wit??? The Twerking At Walmart Craze Continues!!! + Miley Cyrus Showing Off Her Twerking Skills [Video]

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I know we all don’t get to see their faces much, but yes they do have them.

Yesterday, while I was browsing Facebook, I ran across yet another chick Twerking at Walmart. A while back, I caught this video of what appears to be an elderly lady in Walmart twerking her ass off too. Not sure if she was actually an old lady because she was moving way to good to be too old, if you know what I mean.

I’ll be the first to admit, I love the Twerk Team and not only do I watch their videos on the regular, but I use them as an exercise routine at times and I must say I’ve learned quite a few moves watching these girls.

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Mizz Twerksum and Lady Luscious have made the word “Twerking” into a household name for sure and there are thousands of people who mimic their moves everyday on YouTube. Not just women either, men, and sad to say even kids. They started the official Twerk Team back in 2005 with three members, but one of the girls dropped out and the sisters, Twerksum & Lady Luscious, carried on their group which is now managed by their mom.

They have been seen and referenced in several rap videos and get paid to book shows. One thing I can say about them is you never see them take off their clothes, which is one reason why I don’t mind watching. Plus, they’re just using their skills to get that gwap and who can be mad at that.

Now this latest video, as I mentioned earlier, really tickled me because the chick was in Walmart Twerking going from aisle to aisle and chanting where she was. So after watching the video, I realized this chick, Caramel Kitten,  has an entire channel doing the same thing.

My whole thing is, who in the hell was filming this ish and furthermore, why would you go to Twerking in Walmart with tons of people watching. You can even hear people in the background so it wasn’t one of those late night Walmart runs when there is hardly any people in the store.

More Walmart Twerking + Miley Cyrus showing off her twerking skills:

Before you exit, check out the latest vid from The Official Twerk Team:

Photo credit: OfficialTwerkTeam.com

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