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Wendy Williams: Natural Hair Is Not Formal

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Viola Davis 1 Wendy Williams: Natural Hair Is Not FormalWhen I first saw Viola Davis rocking her natural for LA Times Magazine, I was relieved because honestly I was tired of seeing her in those terrible wigs. To me, they made her look very old and hid her true, natural beauty. Even though I had no idea she was a “natural chica,” there was just something about her that let me know she wasn’t into the whole idea of being unbeweaveable in her own space. When Viola graced the red carpet for the Academy Awards debuting her look to the world, I thought “good for her she looks beautiful.” As a natural chica myself, it made love and embrace my locks even more. Then, here comes Wendy Williams with all her bs and negativity about how natural hair is not formal.

Wendy made the statement to her audience that she doesn’t want to see a “Room 222″ look on the red carpet. WTH is that supposed to mean??? I mean seriously who the hell died and made her the hair guru?  Has she looked in the mirror lately? Does she even know what she looks like without all the terrible makeup and weave? Viola and any other woman should be able to wear their hair however they please no matter what the occasion is. This is such a white-washed world and definitely in the entertainment industry. This world is so stuck on the “blonde hair, blue eyes” mentality and seem to think that’s what defines beauty. There are so many of “us” working so hard to bridge ourselves over into what the world and Hollywood considers beauty. Most of “us” are changing our facial features through plastic surgery to resemble that of European features as well as wearing light colored weaves or wigs and some even go as far as to bleach their skin.

I don’t understand what Wendy’s issue is with natural hair or anyone for that matter. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and it takes you to define your own beauty, so why is it that everyone is aiming for the same look? Seriously, does that make any sense??? While everyone is worried about trying to please everyone else, they need to worry about pleasing themselves. As for Wendy and her comments she made about Viola, she needs to dig deep under all that plastic surgery, hair and makeup and find out what she truly looks like because I’m for damn sure she hasn’t seen that person in years. Will the real Wendy Williams please stand up???

What are your thoughts? Is natural hair not formal???


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image Wendy Williams: Natural Hair Is Not Formal
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image Wendy Williams: Natural Hair Is Not Formal
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