Weight Loss Wednesday Motivation: Man Drops 376lbs After Being Told To Write His Own Obituary By The ER Doctor

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been in a FUNK and pretty much have fallen off so bad it’s not even funny until I ran across this story on Yahoo. Nothing like a regular person’s weight loss story to get you back on track. As soon as I read it, I was ready to jump up and start back working out.

Adam Slack, 37 year old husband and father of Mays Landing, NJ,  weight-gain journey began after he had suffered from a lower back injury.

“I had been laid up on the couch for about five to six weeks,” the 37-year-old from Mays Landing, N.J., told “Good Morning America.” “I didn’t do anything but eat.”

“That’s when it really started,” he said. “100 pounds turned into 200 pounds, then 400 pounds.”

By 2008, he was tipping the scale at a whopping 585 pounds, had high blood pressure, was suffering from type 2 diabetes and was struggling to do your basic everyday tasks, such as tying his shoes.

“I used to tie his shoes. I would help him put on his pants. Everyone made fun of him because of how big his weight was,” his wife, Michelle, recalled.

By June 2008, his unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits soon caught up with him and landed him in the ER after he nearly passed out while at work as a security guard. Slack was rushed to the hospital and to his surprise a seemingly rude, but very blunt and straight no chaser doctor, that would not only change but save his life as well.

“A doctor walked into my room and the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Uh, hello Mr. Slack, what would you like in your obituary?'” Slack told “GMA.”

“I yelled at him and told him to leave the room,” he said. “It was the darkest place, but it was also a rebirth.”

The blunt doctor, Dr. Irineo Bustamante was the hospital’s emergency room physician, whom delivered a message that woke Slack up for good. After two hours of meeting Slack, Dr. Bustamante returned to his room and saw that something in his patient had changed.

“For the first time, it clicked,” Slack said. “If I had one doctor, I had 100 doctors tell me ‘you need to lose weight,’ but it was the bluntness of what he said.”

When Slack left the hospital, he was on a mission to save his life. No more unhealthy eating habits it was time for him to make sure that he wouldn’t be writing out his own obituary anytime soon. Slack quickly got on a new regime that included both a healthier diet and exercise. Within six months, he was down 110 pounds and from then on the pounds just kept on falling off. Slack’s entire family joined in on his regime to support his new lifestyle and in turn his wife Michelle lost 24 pounds herself.

 “You have to get hooked on something,” Slack said. “For me it was walking. It was baby steps, step by step.”

The reality that Slack has lost a whole two people really hit him while he was on the baseball field with his son after he won a game and he was able to actually hug him and put his arms around his dad for the first time in years.

“We had just won a real big baseball game and he went to go give me a hug and he clasped behind my back,” Slack said. “That was the first time I realized that my son could ever give me a hug. It was a real emotional moment for me.”

Now you tell me that doctor didn’t give him something to think about. Even after watching and reading this story it really gave me something to think about, seriously! No more making excuses for me that I’m tired or have too much going on in my life. Truth is it is MY LIFE and I want to be here as long as I can for my family. I have to get this weight off by any means necessary. This really motivated me and now I’m back on track, ready to see those pounds continue to go down on the scale. 

I really hope this was  motivation for anyone else out there going through the same thing. We can do it. It just takes one day, one pound at a time.

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Source: GMA and Yahoo

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