Weight Loss Challenge With Fluffy 2 Fit Girl

In an effort to get myself back on track, I decided to join a fellow blogger, Donna of Fluffy 2 Fit Girl. The challenge started on January 2nd and ends on April 2nd. So far there are 15 contestants, including me and Donna, and we’re ready to get ourselves slim, trim and most of all healthy.

I started my weight loss journey back in August of last year and towards the end of the year I fell off, BAD! I lost a total of 25lbs, which is good, but not great since I have so much weight to lose. I am totally committing myself to getting in better shape as well as health this year. I feel like I have been telling myself year after year I’m going to lose weight but FINALLY I have started to do something about it. I am so ready to see myself in a slimmer frame. I have been battling this weight thing for too many years. Between the hit show ‘The Biggest Loser’ and this weight loss challenge with Fluffy 2 Fit Girl, I’m going to get to my ideal weight.

For the weight loss challenge with Fluffy 2 Fit Girl, she has given us some really great, free online tools to help get us started. Some of the tools include: Cardio Trainer, Spark People, Lose It and My Fitness Pal in which I have signed up for them all. I especially like how they give you advice on how many calories you should consume a day and how they recommend that you lose a certain amount of weight a week. Of course, I plan on losing WAY more than that per week because I’m on a Biggest Loser weight loss mission.

I’m so looking forward to not only seeing my results, but also the results of the other contestants. It was really nice to meet my new online cyber friends/support system. I am thankful to be in the company of such great people and am looking forward to being the BIGGEST LOSER of the Fluffy 2 Fit Girl Weight Loss Challenge.

Come on over and join us in getting fit… Click here to sign up —————->Fluffy 2 Fit Girl!!!

Click here to see the contestants ————————–>Fluffy 2 Fit Girl Weight Loss Challenge Contestants!!!

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