Vintage & Retro Fashion Is Back, But Is It Better???


Since hitting the mid twenties I have been attending on average 4 weddings a year. Anyone else in a similar situation will have also noticed that seasonal holidays have long flown out the window since hen parties, wedding outfits, travel arrangements and wedding destinations fly in the other.

Everyone loves a wedding however admittedly I have started to become a little tired of shopping for a new wedding outfit every month, especially in the spring and summer when most of my friends seem to be getting married.

To help elevate some wedding outfit fiascos I thought I would let people know about Fever Designs, which is a Retro style-clothing outlet based in London. They also have an online store so if you don’t fancy trekking into Oxford Circus there’s an alternative!


They have a huge range of beautiful retro style dresses, even wedding dresses for anyone who is actually getting married! They take their inspiration via travelling the world and searching for retro clothes with interesting fits, prints and fabrics. Meaning there are some really beautiful new clothes, which look entirely authentic, without the second-hand mothball scent.

Not everyone likes the idea of second-hand vintage, which is fair enough. I actually feel a bit cheated when buying second-hand vintage, especially when you know it was most likely originally bought from a charity store and then marked up by 200% of its original price.

Check out their wedding dress / special occasion page however, where there are lots of every day dresses which with their retro style still look very classy and would do wonders for a wedding outfit. Also, you can reuse these styles for so many other occasions.

I think so many stores have neglected fit in order to compete with price and mass-produced products with such a high turn over. With Fever the retro style goes further than pattern and fabric but down to core retro values with stunning fitted dresses ranging from maxi, neat tea’s and mod tunics, allowing all sorts of figures to find a perfect wedding outfit without the fiasco.

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