VIDEO: Ming Lee of Snob Life Presents Short Film “Pink Is The New Black”

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ming-lee-pink-is-the-new-black-short-film-1I’ve been following Ming Lee on Instagram for a little over a year now and the reason I started following her was because I heard about her Snob Life Hair Salon and Studio here in Atlanta and love the hustlHER that she is.

A few days ago, Ming Lee posted the picture below to her Instagram saying that her online birthday sale on her hair was being postponed because her inventory was stolen. Here I was feeling some type of way that someone would rob and steal from a woman on her hustle grind and it was all a brilliant ass marketing strategy to slang that weave!!! ‘Cause y’all know these folks be round here doing snatch and grabs on that weave and you see it all the time on the news so I really thought it was real. LOL!


Like I said before, I love Ming Lee for a lot of reasons, one because she’s a certified hustlHER and is always on top of her ish. She took $500 and started her empire Snob Life Hair Studio and it has been growing like wildfire ever since. I also love the way she loves her grandmother and takes really good care of her. I mean everybody love GiGi. 🙂 Ming is known for best for her glamourous hair studio which is designed with all the luxury and bling you can imagine. She has quite a few celebrity clients as well which include Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star NeNe Leakes and rapper Trinidad James, but who knew she was a serious business mastermind as well.

Ming Lee came up with a fye ass marketing strategy “Pink Is The New Black” which is a short film inspired by Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On The Run” Tour promo video. In the video, Ming talks about how she’s taking back what’s her and that slanging her hairline and getting to that money.

When the video first starts, you see Ming and her crew plotting on how they are going to get back the hair that was “stolen” from them and her narrating saying:

I plan on moving 300,000 kilos. The most hair I’ve ever bought. And we only got three days. You do the math!!!

I never thought I would take it this far. Who would’ve known? It’s not that the world owes me. I owe me the world. But I should’ve known life wasn’t that easy. [Do you ever get scared?] The truth is, I do, but fuck em. 

In the “Pink Is The New Black” short film, Ming and her fellow hairstylists of SnobLife Studio go hard and get real gangster to take back what is theirs. Meet the cast below and check out the cute short film. That girl is one hell of a marketer!!!! Not only do I respect her gangstHER, but I respect her hustle!!! I love seeing women doing the damn thang!!!







Photos: Ming Lee Instragram

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