VIDEO: Brandy Joining The Cast Of “Empire” For Season Two

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Brandy Norwood to join the cast of “Empire” for season 2?

Broadway star Brandy Norwood is getting some much deserved shine on these days. I was too excited for her when i found out she would be playing Roxie Hart for Chicago the Musical, she’s snagged her own show on BET called “Zoe Moon” where she will play a newly single single mom trying to get her life back on track and now word on the curb is she’ll be joining the cast of hit Fox show “Empire” for season 2.

Brandy Norwood Lands New Sitcom on BET ‘Zoe Moon’

We’ve all seen her do her thing on BET’s “The Game” as Chardonnay, so what type of character does she want to play if she were to be on “Empire”? Would she be sassy like Cookie, sneaky like Boo Boo Kitty or a kiss ass like Andre’s wife? Maybe she would be like Jennifer Hudson and just sang her little heart out? Who knows?

Will she be on the cast of “Empire” for season 2 or nah?

Watch below:


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