Two Florida Teen Girls Expelled Over Racist YouTube Video Rant

Last week, two girls from Gainsville High School in Gainsville, FL, released a 14-minute long racist video rant on YouTube about black people. In the video, they ranted about everything they think was wrong with black people from being “ghetto” to how there’s a difference between a “black person” and a “n*gger.”

Since the video was released, they have been since expelled from high school for all the racist comments made during the video and now the girls are reportedly fearing for their safety as they have allegedly received numerous death threats in response to the video. Although the principal didn’t go into details about any disciplinary actions that are being taken against the students, he did release a statement saying:

“There’s no place for comments like that here at GHS…there’s no place for that in the Alachua County Public School System, and my opinion, no place for that in society in general.”

I’m sure it was in their best interest not to be in school anyway since the girls admitted to being harassed about comments made about black people in the video. The girls and one of the parents have since made a formal apology in the Gainsville Sun saying:

“I am one of the girls who were in the racist video that got posted. I’m writing this so that I can tell people how truly sorry I am. I could never, in a million years, have pictured this happening with me involved. I wasn’t raised to hate people for their race, and I still don’t. I made a horrible decision in being a part of this video … “

Also, one of the girls mother made a plea for her daughter’s safety:

“While we can never take back the words and actions that these two children have said, we have to start to heal and forgive IMMEDIATELY. Stop the violent threats to our homes and our children, stop the anger, because this will solve absolutely nothing, and most importantly, look at yourself for change and love.”

It truly saddens me that racism still exists in 2012, but unfortunately that is something that I don’t think will ever completely go away. People will always have their opinion of people outside their race but that doesn’t always mean they’re true.

Be sure to check out the video below.


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