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Twerking: A New Way To Stay Fit

Twerk Team 1024x682 Twerking: A New Way To Stay Fit

If you’re from Atlanta, you’re very familiar with “The Twerk Team.” The dancing duo, Mizz Twerk Sum & Lady Luscious,  are known best for posting YouTube videos showcasing their “twerking” skills which have made them famous in the Atlanta rapper community.

Although I had heard a lot about them, I never really got a chance to see them in action. So, I took to their YouTube channel and watched a few videos and I must say these girls have the skills to pay the bills. I’m always looking for ways to make exercise fun so I decided I would make a playlist of their YouTube videos as my exercise routine and follow along. All I have to say is OMG!!! I was soooo tired and sweating like I do when I work out with Sean T’s Insanity workout. It reminded me of a free version of the pole dancing class just without the pole.

That got me to thinking that these girls could come up with a workout video and make tons of money as well.

I’m going to continue following along with the videos and see how fast my progress is as far as losing weight. It really wouldn’t hurt to gain those “skipper” skills either. In about six weeks, I’ll post a before and after picture of my progress.

Check out one of the videos I did for my “twerkout” last night:

[Video NSFW]

Would you consider “twerking” as a way to stay fit????

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