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Traci Steele FIRED From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta???

traci steele Traci Steele FIRED From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta???Well damn!!!!

Hot 107.9 DJ turned Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Traci Steele will no longer be getting those reality checks.

Traci recently revealed during an interview that she will not be returning to the show for another season as a cast member due the fact that her and baby daddy, DJBabyDrew, weren’t “turned up” enough for the show. Even though we witnessed a little drama between the once couple, apparently it wasn’t enough to hold her spot on the show for another season.

I might do some appearances, show my face or DJ or something like that, but as far as being a cast member, no. Apparently me and Drew weren’t turned up [as much as] I guess as the rest of the cast members. We had some sanity.

I know Traci is going to miss those reality show checks, but it’s a good thing that she already had a good job as a DJ for a local Atlanta station as well as launched her own cosmetic line Steele Pretty. At least she’s not like most chicks and just run around blowing her money fast on breast implants and ass shots, she took her money and invested in her future.

We’re going to miss her on the show, but are glad she wasn’t willing to degrade herself further just for a few checks. As she’s already proven, there are other ways to get that GWAP!!!


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