Traci Braxton Dishes On 64 Pound Weight Loss & How She’s Keeping It Off

traci-braxton-drops-64-poundsBraxton Family Values reality star Traci Braxton has she a lot of weight over the last couple of seasons.

During an episode of Braxton Family Values on season 2, the sisters all sat down with Dr. Sherri to discuss ways to improve their relationship. When it was Toni Braxton‘s time to share her thoughts on the relationship between the sisters, she started by telling Traci that she wanted her to “lose 20-40 pounds immediately.” Traci got very offended at Toni’s comment and eventually stormed out of the meeting, but later on during the season, you saw her and Tamar join the gym and workout with a trainer.

Since then, Traci has lost a whopping 64 pounds and has been keeping it off. During a recent interview on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, Traci dished on how she actually gained weight and how she lost it and is keeping it off.

[I dropped 64 pounds] in two years. When it came down to eating, I just basically ate anything I wanted to eat and I just thought it was okay. It’s fine, it’s healthy. I didn’t have my mind right. I was angry at myself for gaining the weight and I didn’t feel as sexy as I wanted to feel, and I didn’t give my family my all. 

On taking two years to lose the weight

When you lose it quickly, you fail, but failure is not an option for me. I’m like ‘okay Traci, you need to show the world that you’re not the underdog, that you’re likable too and that you can do it for yourself. You’re not doing it for your sisters because your sisters are hounding you.’ I was really skinny when I was growing up. They used to call me “big bird” because I was so tall and real lean and thin. I had to get it together and for these people that are taking these diet pills thinking ‘okay, I’m gone get it together,’ uh-huh. 

Traci went on to give her workout regimen saying she worked out three times a week in the gym anywhere from 1-2 hours at a time depending on how much she ate. She also dished on being a diabetic and losing the weight for health reasons.

Congrats to Traci on her weight loss. I for one know the weight loss struggle as I am trying to lose half of my current body weight as well. I appreciate her for sharing her story because it is very motivating.

If you missed Toni telling her that she wants Traci to lose weight, watch it below [5:55 mark]:


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