Tipper For The Stripper: Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

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I don’t know about y’all but Real Housewives of Atlanta was so blah for me last night. Nothing really exciting happened except for the fact that they went to that  strip club full of old azz, retired skrippers, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Kenya was up to her same ole begging self talmbout “I wanna get married and if you’re not on the same page……” Girl, I don’t know what kinda signs you need to see that man’s just not that into you, like seriously! It’s getting to the point of not even being funny anymore. I just feel sorry for you! I mean honestly, it’s not that man’s fault you waited way past your prime to decide you want to get married and have babies. I’m just sayin’.

Porsha girl I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove except for the fact that you’re just a little slow, but how you not gone know how many bedrooms in your own damn house? Furthermore, why in the hell do you keep approaching Kenya bout the same ole bullish. Y’all not friends, y’all not gone be friends. LET IT GO!!!

NeNe was doing her thing with the Ebony photo shoot which I absolutely loved. I never did get to see the inside photos and that dress made out of money was too haute!!!

Cynthia was meddling as usual. Chile, stay in your lane when it comes to other people’s marriage and worry about your own. Sidenote: I’m glad she got her mom and sister off the show. Her and Peter seem a lot happier than they were last season. Good for them.

Kandi and Todd’s house is coming together rather nicely. I’m hoping they get married soon.

Phaedra and Apollo seem to be a little off this episode. LOL! Apollo spilled the tea on him being confined for 16 months straight. Bruh, I don’t know how in THEE hell he pulled that off but hey I guess he was in shock of being on lockdown and I can’t say I blame him. Fellow blogger FreddyO got recognized on the show last night for doing a story on whether or not Phaedra and Apollo were headed for divorce, but I guess they shut down those rumors with baby number two on the way.

Now let’s get to this strip club Cynthia, Peter, Phaedra & Apollo went to. I’ve been in Atlanta pretty much all my life and I’ve passed by a few strip clubs here and there but never in my life have I heard of the 65 and older strip club, Clermont Lounge, they went to last night. Chile, it wasn’t nothing but ole bitty’s and retired strippers up in that bish. I don’t know where in the hell Cynthia even found out about that place, but I’m with Peter, if she was trying to keep him out the strip club then hell would stay out of there too.

After the show I had to Google that place honey and on the home page it read: 

The world famous Clermont Lounge™ is the Greatest Show on Earth!  A can’t miss Atlanta attraction, the Clermont is Atlanta’s oldest strip club and consistently ranked as one of the coolest dive bars in the world!

 The Clermont Lounge is a place where you can get cheap drinks and truly be yourself, whatever that may be.  We are a strip club that sprinkles in karaoke, live music and a DJ spinning 70’s funk on various nights (see shows and weekly events).

 Most come to see what the buzz is about, but keep coming because it turned out to be the best time of their life.

What they failed to mention is that they also had the “oldest” strippers in the world up in that joint too! HA!

Peter had me dying laughing when he said that lady’s breast were 22 but she was 90. I was hollering chile. I love Peter because he keeps it one hundred, thousand, trillion.

Anywho! Hopefully next weeks episode will give me a little more life. If you missed last night show, click HERE to watch!!!

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Ev & Ocho Want You To Know..... They Are NOT Together!!!
InstHerGlam: Lala Anthony's Christopher Kane Floral-Print Minidress

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