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Tiny Tonight’s Tamar Braxton & Claudia Jordan Twitter Beefing???

Tiny Tonight1 Tiny Tonights Tamar Braxton & Claudia Jordan Twitter Beefing???


I swear Tamar Braxton is always beefing with someone on Twitter. Not too long ago it was Joseline Hernandez now her fellow Tiny Tonight Co-Star Claudia Jordan????

Now I don’t know about y’all but I am enjoying the whole Tiny Tonight show. I thought it was supposed to be a lil girl talk going and them saying what we’re all thinking anyway. I’m not even understanding where all the shade is coming from but then again you know how celebs do, they will create any kinda drama and controversy to keep themselves relevant. I mean honestly, I had no idea who Claudia Jordan was til now and we all know Tamar was ducked off for a while til she rose from the dead on Braxton Family Values.

Check out how all the beef got started:

We’re married, and a part of the reason that we’re married is because you’ve got to set a standard. You can’t just fall for anything or accept anything just because that’s what somebody wants to give you. If you don’t have the means to make me feel special, then maybe you’re not ready to date me. You need to concentrate on yourself and get your money up and get your career going. You have to make sure that he’s up to the standard that you want your husband to be.”

[Claudia says she developed a great relationship with a guy on the Forbes list.]

Tamar: “But he didn’t put a ring on it![...]I’m not a golddigger, I got my own money.”

Claudia: “I’m just into the simple things.”

Tamar: “I’m rich.”

I’m not sure why this work thing spread into the personal but the two continued the shade via Twitter.Claudia Jordan Tamar Braxton Beef on Twitter Tiny Tonights Tamar Braxton & Claudia Jordan Twitter Beefing???


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