Tina Campbell To Release Book “I Need A Day To Pray” In May

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Gospel singer and reality star Mary Mary‘s Tina Campbell is gearing up to release her book “I Need A Day to Pray“.

If you watch their reality show Mary Mary, you would know that Tina and her husband Teddy hit a very rough patch in their marriage when Teddy confessed to Tina that he was having not one but several affairs. After Teddy told Tina, she begin to do what was natural to any woman who has been cheated on, she begin to allow her hurt to turn into anger and it took her to another place.

In the most recent season, they showed clips of a car that Tina shot up and pretty much destroyed after finding out her husband of 14 years cheated on her and honestly who can blame her? As a woman who was married to a man who cheated, I can definitely understand where she was coming from.

Tina Campbell: “I Love My Husband More Than I Ever Did”

Although Teddy cheated, Tina decided to forgive him and give their marriage another chance. Since doing so, she has begun working on her solo career and also an album with her husband along with writing a book. Tina has taken some time to release some excerpts of her book via an eight minute video.

Check it out below:

Tina’s book “I Need A Day to Pray” is set to be released some time in May along with her upcoming album “It’s Personal”. I look forward to hearing more from this book because she has definitely showed us the true meaning of forgiveness from one human being to another.


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