Tia & Tamera Mowry Share Tips On Keeping Your Mind Focused

Tia and Tamera 2My favorite twin sisters, Tia & Tamera Mowry, have seriously grown into some beautiful wives and mothers as well as successful businesswomen.

The Mowry sisters definitely understand what life is like on the go as they both have demanding careers that cause them to pick up and leave their husbands and kids at any time, but somehow they have learned how to not only balance their lives, but remained focused as well.

I read their blog on the regular and ran across a post where they shared some really good tips on how to keep your mind focused and I just had to share with you all.

Here are their tips:


Take a walk: Our brains can’t sustain hours of intense concentration without breaks. Be sure to schedule breaks throughout your day. A walk or 15 minutes of yoga can do wonders for refocusing the mind.

Eat smart: Here’s a great list of brain-boosting superfoods to help you focus (Make sure to try these foods I recommended togive your mood a boost too!)

Build your stamina: Everyone has different levels of “focus stamina”, but you can easily improve your natural ability.  Just give yourself a certain amount of time – 30 minutes to an hour is a good start – to do nothing but work on the task in front of you.  Essentially, you’re training your mind to focus on one thing for a certain amount of time.  The more you do this, the longer periods of time you should be able to concentrate.

Write it down: I know that I always feel the most organized when I have a to-do list in front of me with exactly what I need to accomplish for that day.  Find a cute notebook and write down tasks as soon as you think of them – you can highlight in order of importance too.  And believe me, nothing feels better than crossing things off one by one 🙂

Blast a tune (or two): According to the New York Times, “melodious sounds help encourage the release of dopamine in the reward area of the brain” – in other words, music can make you happy! Make yourself a playlist to help you focus at work, or just take a break and blast a song or two while you’re taking your walk.  A happy worker is a more productive worker!

Reflect: Have you ever had one of those days where you think back and ask yourself “What in the world did I do today??” Take that time to really reflect – were you too busy chatting a coworker to focus on your work project? Did you get sidetracked by old photos while cleaning the house? Think about what prevented you from focusing that day, and avoid it when you try again tomorrow.  Once you know your distractions, it will be easier to ignore them.

These are some really great tips and I’m definitely going to work them into my daily life.

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