Tia & Tamera Mowry Get A Reality Show

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Well here we are with America’s favorite twins since the Olsens, Tia & Tamera Mowry. You all remember their hit sitcom Sister, Sister, these girls have really blossomed into some lovely young ladies right in front of the entire world. One of the reasons I love these chics is because we share the same birthday 🙂 so I know they’re good people! Hey, what can I say I’m a CANCER and we’re really sweet people, well that is till you cross us LOL! But anyway, back to the Mowry sisters, I’ve never heard anything bad about them in the media about them getting into trouble, doing drugs, going to jail or anything of that sort! That comes from good home training!

Now the twins are all grown up, have their own careers, gotten married,  have their own family, making their own money and teaming up again for their own reality show! What you know about that??? It amazes me how different they have come to be. Ok I got that from the Sister, Sister theme song lol! The pictures took me back a bit yall! They have really come along way! Tia was getting her ‘Game’ face on in the hit show ‘The Game’ while Tamera was getting her ‘Scrubs’ on! They are definitely marking their place in the world and making it happen!

Awwww! Just when I thought there was nothing better than sisterly love, I know nothing beats twin, sisterly love!

 They both found love and happiness! Tia married the love of her life Cory Hardict and Tamera married hers as well. Does anybody know his name by the way lol! What does he do again??? Ok we’re just gone call him Tamera’s husband LOL! So now they’re Tia Mowry-Hardict and Tamera Mowry-Housley! I can’t wait to see their reality show so we can tap into their lives and see how they really are! I know it’s going to be a GREAT show!


Here is a sneak peak at their reality show which will premiere on Monday, August 8th at 9pm on the Style Network. Will you be watching? I will!

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12 thoughts on “Tia & Tamera Mowry Get A Reality Show

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  2. I am happy for these girls. I understand their mom is from the Bahamas but I have never seen a picture of her. Who are her relations from the Bahamas

  3. Tamera Mowry married Fox News Correspondent Adam Housley after dating for almost six years. They were married May 15, 2011.

  4. I’m glad u posted this I will set my dvr right now!! Style network better be happy because I’m sure they will get a ratings boost off of this one!

    • I know they will because they really don’t do much on that channel I only watch it every now and then! I can’t wait to see America’s favorite twins in rare form! I know it’s gonna be a good show!

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