Tia Mowry Responds To Critics Calling Her Son “Ugly”

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People can seriously be cruel. Haven’t they heard the saying: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Tia Mowry was excited when she first found out she was pregnant with her son Cree and gave birth to him on June 28, 2011. Since then, she has been posting TONS of pictures on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of her bundle as any proud mother would. No matter how your baby looks, as a mother you will always think your child is beautiful. Unfortunately for Tia, she’s been dealing with having people say really mean and negative things about her son and apparently she got tired of it.

Tia took to her Facebook page to respond to all the critics calling her baby “ugly.”

“It’s disgusting that some focus on looks. I brought a beautiful child into this world,” she said.

Her response still was in a very classy way and I’m glad she did. People need to learn how to keep things to themselves sometimes. Most of the people that are going in on her BABY about his looks probably suffer from low self-esteem issues themselves. People act like celebrities aren’t human or have feelings. They see all the negative comments and remarks, but most of the time they don’t bother responding.

Having a child is a blessing from GOD and that’s the most special gift a woman could ever receive.

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Evelyn Lozada's 911 Call Released
Beyonce' Named the Ambassador of World Humanitarian Day of 2012

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