Throwback Thursday: Back In The Day When I Was Young I’m Not A Kid Anymore………

Meiqua-At-5-months-TractHerTrailHer-2Me at 5 months in my grandma’s crush velvet chair.

OMG!!! Where does the time go???

I decided to do something out of the norm and that’s participate in this whole Throwback Thursday hoopla. So, I dug up some pictures of me as early as 5 months old and a few pics of my high school days until the present.

As I sit up and look at some of these pics I wonder where has the time gone. In less than two weeks, I’ll be 32 and it doesn’t feel like it. I still have so much to do and so much to accomplish, but I’m ready for everything to come.

But enough of all the chatting, check out some of my Throwback Thursday pics I dug up!!!!

Happy-Meiqua-5-Months-Old-TractHerTrailHerMe at 5 months again…

Meiqua-At-5-months-TractHerTrailHerI have no idea what I what I was eating on but it must’ve been good…

Meiqua-Giving-Doll-Suga-TractHerTrailHerNot sure how old I was but I was kissing on my baby doll…

Meiqua-As-A-Baby-TractHerTrailHerWhy was I so pale I will never know!!!

Meiqua-At-About-5-years-old-TractHerTrailHerI think I was about 4 or 5 years old….

Meiqua-And-Shan-Airport-Headed-To-TX-1997-TractHerTrailHerI think this picture was back in 1997. I was about 16 years old…
Meiqua-At-17-Years-Old-TractHerTrailHerI was 17yrs old in this pic, this was right after my prom… Lawd, look at that hair!!!

Meiqua-Lovejoy-High-School-TractHerTrailHerAt Lovejoy HS the last day of school before I graduated in 1999 with my friends and sister. That’s me on the far left!!!

Meiqua-Atlanta-Live-Days-At-The-Bounce-On-Bankhead-HwyYes, I used to be a club hopper. I’m in the middle. We were at The Bounce on Bankhead Hwy in Atlanta.

Meiqua-Atlanta-Live-Days-At-The-Bounce-On-Bankhead-Hwy-2Another picture of me and my bestie at The Bounce on Bankhead Hwy in Atlanta…

Meiqua-Pic-From-Jamaica-TripMe now while I was in Jamaica back in May 2013.

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