The T-Spot is always trying to think of ways to keep our readers interested and engaged in our topics so we are starting a new blog series called “The T-Spot.”

The T-Spot is a new series that will discuss the different stages of a woman as she goes through the walks of life as it relates to love, sex and relationships.

This series was started because I, TractHer TrailHer CEO/Founder/Creator, found myself in my early 30s, divorced and lost as I was gearing up to head back into the “single life” and world of dating as well as trying to find myself.

During my separation and divorce, I learned so much about myself and the art of transitioning from being married to a newly divorcee and heading back out into the dating world. Little did I know so many things have changed and it would be so damn difficult and challenging to say the least.

By creating The T-Spot, I hope to create a forum for the like-minded women who have shared some similar experiences and to create a strong sisterhood that will uplift women and encourage them to be strong during relationship transitions. I am going to be doing something out of the norm, and that’s fading to transparent while I share some of my own personal experiences. The T-Spot will be graphic, a little hood at times, real, raw, straight to the point and even emotional at times, but it’s all apart of the journey and the process.

I will talk about love, sex, dating, marriage and divorce as well as evaluating myself and going through the healing process. I will also be starting up a video blog/vlog to document some of my experiences and even share a little bit of my emotion (if I still have those) and also start a blog talk radio show so we can discuss hot topics together.

Overall, I hope that The T-Spot can be something that will not only be something I can use to help me get through this relationship transition process, dating, etc., but also that it will be a place that my readers can enjoy, have fun, and share.

Cheers to the new series The T-Spot. I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a ride, but we’re all going to have fun along the way!!!

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