The T-Spot: The Honeymoon Is Over

the-t-spot-photoJust barely a year after being married, I had a bomb dropped on me when I found out mista had a child he didn’t tell me about. More than anything, it’s the way I found out that really got me.

Being the good wife that I was, I used to always make sure that his child support was paid for his son. One day he called me complaining about a letter that was sent to his mom’s house and I proceeded to go online to see what the issue was. Surely, he wasn’t behind because I mailed off the money orders myself, right?

Once I logged on, I saw there was a drop down menu under where his case number was. Usually, it was grayed out because it was only supposed to be one. So, I clicked on it and saw there was another account. Surely, this had to be a mistake because he only had one child, so I thought.

Before I went crazy and called the child support office going HAM on those people for this “mistake,” something told me to check and see who it was. Being the slick PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR that I am, I went to white pages website and looked up this chick name, address and phone number. Took her phone number and compared it to his bill and Lord and behold there it was SEVERAL times. Of course, I called. She was hesitant at first but spilled the beans. The child they had together was before me. She found out she was pregnant the February the following year after I met him, which was in December 2005 which means this nicca was banging this broad right before we met. He knew all about this “love child” they had and never said a word. I had to find out myself.

Do you stay or do you leave???? Of course I stayed. It was hard as hell because I had always thought that when we had a child that we could share something really special if we had a daughter since he had a son. Well, my dreams of having a family with mista were stripped away because he had a daughter with this other chick and I no longer wanted a family with him after I found out.

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