The OMG Girlz Cover Rolling Out Magazine, Talk Dating & Celebrity Crushes

omg-girlz-cover-rolling-out-magazineAren’t they just the cutest ever???

The OMG Girlz graced the cover of Rolling Out magazine looking all cute and colorful as always. The group was created by Tameka “Tiny” Harris and includes her oldest daughter Zonnique (Star) and two of her really close friends, Baby Doll and Beauty.

Inside the issue, the girls dish on their business of being ‘Baddies’, dating, celebrity crushes, their bond and where they see themselves in the future.

Check out excerpts and more pics below:

On what OMG stands for:
Beauty: OMG stands for Officially Miss Guided, so we’re on the right path and going in the right direction. With that being our headlining statement we just want to make great music that you can move to that doesn’t have cursing and put out great messages [that] shows that we’re just regular teenagers in the spotlight. Every picture we take and every move we make, we’re just very cautious of it for our fans.

On what they each add to the group:
Beauty: I think what I bring is a very fun element. I love making the girls laugh and I love making the team laugh. So I feel like I just bring a really happy, fun element to the group …
Baby Doll: [Interrupts] And you bring beauty to the group!
Beauty: Aww, thank you!
Baby Doll: I bring the crazy animated person that I am onstage. Also behind the scenes I’m the “mother” of the group, or the big sister. I don’t really want to say mother because that sounds old! [Laughs.]
Star: I bring a really chill vibe. I’m always laid-back.

On their celebrity crushes:
Beauty: I have three. I like Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Tyga.
Baby Doll: As a group we love Big Sean, Star and I share Chris Brown and I think Wiz Khalifa’s kind of cute. And more importantly I love Channing Tatum, I love to dance so maybe we could do a Step Up [movie] together. [Laughs.]
Star: I like Chris Brown, Big Sean and Shia LeBeouf. [Also] John Mayer and Nick Jonas. I’m going to say that one more time; and Nick Jonas.




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