Magazine CovHER: Terri J. Vaughn For Kontrol Magazine

Terri J Vaughn, Kontrol Magazine

Magazine CovHER: Terri J. Vaughn For Kontrol Magazine

Terri J. Vaughn graced the cover of Kontrol magazine for their second ‘For The Love Of Summer Issue’.

Every time I see Terri J. Vaughn, all I can think about is her character Lovita Alizé Jenkins from The Steve Harvey Show where she was the high school secretary who eventually started dating and married Ced.

Terri has come a long way from her role in The Steve Harvey Show as she is still acting and has also founded and started her own production company with three of her girlfriends as she dishes on during her Kontrol Magazine interview. She also dished on how she balances her career and family.

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Peep excerpts from the interview below:

On how her production company Nina Holiday came about:
Nina Holiday came about after I met Cas 11 or 12 years ago working on an independent movie project here in Atlanta. Says Terri, Cas was the wardrobe coordinator on set and she also had just written her first novel. She gave me a copy of it and I read it on the way back to LA and I loved it so much that I wanted to turn it into a TV series. So I called Cas and was like ooh your novel is hot, its sexy, its everything we should turn it into a TV series, and so we got started trying to make that happen and that’s how it all got started.”

On balancing her career and family:
“Its non-stop,” says Terri J Vaughn. “Our lives are non-stop, even when were sleeping to when we get up it’s non-stop.”

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Be sure to pick up your own copy of Terri J. Vaughn Kontrol Magazine ‘For the Love of Summer Issue’ which will be available at Barnes & Noble June 24th.


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