Tasha Smith And Twin Sister Sidra Play Switch-A-Roo On ‘For Better Or Worse’ Cast

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I’ve always wanted to be a twin so I could have the chance to play tricks on people and see if they could really tell us apart. For a long time, I had no idea that For Better Or Worse actress Tasha Smith was even a twin until I saw a picture of her sister and her Sidra side-by-side and she was rocking the Amber Rose cut.

The Smith twins decided to play a trick on the For Better Or Worse cast and see if they could tell the two apart. Tasha tweeted:

Me and my twin sister on set of For Better Or Worse, we punked everyone, do we look alike?

Yes the two of them do look very much alike, but I can tell them apart just like I can Tia & Tamera Mowry.

More pics of the Smith twins over at Mrs. Grapevine.

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The Ladies Of THE REAL Talk Having Sex In Public [VIDEO]
Kelly Rowland Graces Cover Of Essence Magazine

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