Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly Are On Their Grown Woman Ish!!!

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Love & Hip Hop New York reality stars Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly have come a long way from when they first met each other.

If you watch the drama filled reality show, you would know that Peter Gunz, who was the center of all the drama as he was two-timing these women and feeding them both a sack of lies every chance he got trying to keep them both, was messing around on Tara with Amina whom he secretly married and later got pregnant which was revealed by Amina on the reunion show

Well, both ladies shocked their Instagram followers when they posted pics themselves together and all smiles at Mona Scott-Young‘s holiday party. People were leaving the shocked face emojis and all kind of nasty comments, but I was happy to see that the two women have gotten past their differences because honestly, it really wasn’t their fault that Peter was a liar and they were both believing him because they love him.


Most of the commenters have more than likely been in the same place before whether they knew about it or not. Men cheat, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it at all. Tara, who had been with Peter for over 13 years, was devastated when she found out that not only was he messing with Amina Buddafly, but that he had married her in such a short time. Tara continued messing around with Peter off and on even after finding out in an effort to prove something to Amina, but later decided to just move on with her life, which was the best thing to do if you ask me.┬áMy question is: why did Tara stay with him so long with no marriage???

Tara Wallace puts me in the mind of Mimi Faust and her relationship with Stevie J. And as much as Mona Scott-Young swears these shows aren’t scripted, it damn sure seems like it very well could be considering that the New York and Atlanta versions of the show has such similar storylines, but truth of the matter is, there are a lot of everyday women who are going through the same thing and some of you reading this may have been one of those women or even are friends with or knows a woman just like this.

I have been with a man who cheated before and was married to him and once I got solid proof my ass left. I wasn’t going to stand for no man cheating on my ass when I’m as faithful as a nun and I deserve the same damn respect.

Many may even wonder why these two women continued to deal with Peter but at times it’s hard to just walk away from someone you truly love and furthermore, you want to believe them and that they wouldn’t do such a thing to hurt you but honestly they don’t think about anyone but themselves.

Although most people were surprised to see these women taking a photo together and all smiles, I was truly happy. Even though the way they met and the couple of run-ins they had weren’t always pleasant, it seems like they have put all their differences aside and are on their grown woman ish as they should be.

There’s no way two women should be arguing, fighting and bickering over a no-good ass, lying ass, cheating ass man and making a fool out of themselves doing so whether it’s in the ‘hood or on national TV. Now if I were Amina would I have stayed with Peter, ummmmm more than likely NOT, but I think she stayed because they were married and then got pregnant, but that still left Tara hurt and having to deal with the pain of feeling like a fool, but the two have managed to get past that and realized that the problem wasn’t with each other but instead with the man they both shared and loved.

I’m happy that they have gotten past things, at least that’s what it seems, and that they realized that the issue wasn’t with each other, but that they both were believing the lies of the man they loved. Whenever there’s a love triangle, there is always one who will be left alone and hurting while the other woman seemingly “wins” the man, but has she really gotten a prize?

One thing women need to realize that when they think they won is the fact that they won a headache and not only that but their position as the side chick is now open since they’re become the “main chick” and that these dudes are only going to find someone else to do the same thing with again because they’re inconsiderate and selfish.

A new season of Love & Hip Hop New York has recently begun and I’m truly interested in seeing how things truly pan out between Peter and Amina.

What do you all think about these two putting their differences aside? Do you all think it’s for show or have they really got on their grown woman ish?

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West For Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign
PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj 2015 Calendar

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