Tami Roman Rings In The New Year With A Slimmer Frame

Tami Roman For NV Weight Loss Tami Roman Rings In The New Year With A Slimmer Frame

I remember a while back in July 2012 when Tami Roman was but on blast by Star Magazine after being caught red-handed in Walmart browsing at a bottle of  NV Clinical pills (pictured below). Thanks to Star Magazine’s paps for doing what they do, stalking celebrities, not only has the Basketball Wives star dropped 35 pounds but she’s also snatched up an endorsement deal.

Tami buying NV Tami Roman Rings In The New Year With A Slimmer Frame

Like most women, Tami was unsatisfied with her weight. I find it hard to get to the gym myself and I’m not even a mom yet so I can only imagine how busy she is being a career woman and single mom. Tami has found a solution to her weight problem with NV Clinical and now has her own commercial which was released on New Year’s Eve.

In the thirty second commercial, bragged about dropping 25 lbs, with 5 being lost in the first week, and sashayed her way out the pharmacy leaving the patron looking for a weight loss solution ready to jump on board.

NV Clinical promises to help you lose weight fast and lets face it, we’re in a microwave society where we all want fast results, which is the main reason plastic surgery is so popular. For everyday people like you and me, we’re can’t afford to spend thousands of countless dollars on building our bodies so NV Clinical just might be the boost we need to jumpstart our weight loss.

We all know the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight for 90 percent of Americans. I’ve declared this year my year to truly drop these unwanted pounds and I might just give these a try.

Peep the commercial below:

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