Weight Gain

68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back

68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back While most of Americans are concerned with losing weight there are people that suffer from weight disorders that cause them to weigh below a healthy weight. Sarah Ramadan, Instagram name Fight For Growth shares her story via Instagram on how she struggled with […]

How The Hell Did I Gain 20lbs

Breathe, breathe, breathe!!! OKAY OKAY!!! Now when the hell did that happened? OMG!!! I gained 20lbs within the past year and a half and fitting into my clothes when I was in my 160s is a challenge now. It’s kind of disturbing

Being FAT is UGLY

Fat comes in many shapes and sizes depending on ones height and physical composition.  Being fat even look differently when comparing fat  from one person to the next. Fat, according to the Center For Disease Control, is when a person have a high BMI (Body Mass Index), which is an indicator of high body fatness.  When your […]

How To Get Most Out Of Your Stretched Out Waist Trainer

  Snatch that waist line!!! Is what many women want a nice slim waist and a cute face. Many women like myself wasn’t born with the “skinny” genes so I say ” I have to fight hard to keep my jeans skinny lol”. About a year ago I invested in a waist trainer. When I first […]

8 Tips That Will Help You Shed Those Last Ten Pounds

Sometimes dropping the last ten pounds can be the most difficult task for a person to achieve.  Why, because the body becomes immune to the routine eating habits and exercises that helped it initially lose weight.  Therefore, dropping the last few pounds become more challenging to do.  Here are nine tips to help you reach […]

STARTED From the BOTTOM Now I’m Here—Final Insanity Fit Test Results

Yassss my insane journey has reached an end, 60 days have never felt longer, but the journey was nothing less then amazing.  I not only got stronger physically but mentally.  The challenge to discipline your body through a regular workout regime is never just about your physical abilities and reshaping your outer appearance but more […]