Beauty Supply Quality Hair You Can Trust

Not all beauty supply quality hair is bad and not all virgin, raw virgin or however you wish to describe it is good! Right? Right….if you’ve had the best or worse of both worlds, beauty supply quality hair and virgin hair, you can definitely relate.  When virgin Indian hair first it the market, that was the BEST hair ever!!! Expensive, but the best. When virgin […]

Viral Video Blames Wearing Weaves For Woman’s Hair Loss But I Beg To Differ

Viral Video Blames Wearing Weaves For Woman’s Hair Loss But I Beg To Differ Now before I even get started, let me say this…. I’m NOT in any way trying to bash anyone and that this is not only my opinion, but known facts about wearing weaves, wigs and extensions!!! This viral video is said […]

Before You Sit In That Chair: Why You Should Consult The Stylist First

When you are on a hunt for a new hair stylist, whether it’s because you have relocated to a new area, searching for new salon specials, or just ready to dump your current hair dresser, you should consult with your new stylist first. Often times when people are looking for a new person to provide a […]

I Need My Hair Done – But Why Do Salon Prices Vary???

I need my hair done, but why do salon and stylist prices vary? Just like Publix, Piggly Wiggly, and Winn Dixie prices may vary tremendously from grocery store to grocery store, salons, spas, and stylist prices vary too.  They are no different.  Although the above named grocery stores are in the same market of food retail, […]

“Her Hair Dreams” Event Teaching Women To Have Healthy Hair & Bodies [Photos]

Are you more concerned with your hair or your fitness? This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending an exclusive event, Her Hair Dreams presented by Shawnda Dee. The event was centered around teaching women how they can maintain their fabulous hair while staying fit and working out through “protective styling with hair weaves/extensions for […]

Jennifer Hudson Debuts New Look

I don’t know who we missed Jennifer Hudson‘s new short hair don’t care, but she debuted her new look during the VMAs 2013. RELATED: J. Hud Down To A Size 0 J. Hud posted a picture to her Instagram of her rocking a lace front wig in a short funky little cut. We’ve seen Jennifer rock […]