Tasha Smith And Twin Sister Sidra Play Switch-A-Roo On ‘For Better Or Worse’ Cast

I’ve always wanted to be a twin so I could have the chance to play tricks on people and see if they could really tell us apart. For a long time, I had no idea that For Better Or Worse actress Tasha Smith was even a twin until I saw a picture of her sister […]

Identical Twins Give Birth One Hour Apart

This is like the cutest story ever. I heard about it the other day and forgot to post about it. Identical twin sisters, Shaakira White and Zaakira Mitchell of South Carolina, gave birth on July 24th just one hour apart. Zaakira was going to a doctor’s appointment with her twin sister when she suddenly went […]

Cutie Patooties: The Cannons Reveal Their Twins Roc and Roe

For the first time, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reveal their twins to the world. Monroe & Moroccan are now six months old and I’m sure a handful for mommy and daddy Cannon but they seem to be enjoying every minute of it. In an interview with Barbara Walters, the Cannons share how they met, […]