Trim Your Child Hair At This Age Or Look Forward To A Haircut

Skip your child’s trims and they will need a haircut. Like annual physical exams are important to your child’s health so are bi-monthly hair trims to their haircare.  The overall health of your child is reflected in their hair, but maintaining a healthy mane also includes regular grooming. 

5 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The Salon Chair

  Just like you raise your child to learn to feed him or her self, teach them how to clean up their room, or train them on how to behave in public, you have to teach your child how to act in a salon chair.  It all starts with you! Here are five ways you can […]

Your Toddler Is Beauty Salon Ready When

Train your child in the way they should go and when it’s time to take them to the beauty salon to receive service, they will be ready.~Shan The biggest mistake parents make is taking their child to the hair salon when they are not ready. This is mainly for the sons who parents decide that […]