Tichina Arnold

Tichina Arnold To Drop An Album

Tichina Arnold To Drop An Album Yes, you read the headline right, Tichina Arnold is going to drop an album. Tichina Arnold is best known for her role as Pam on from hit TV show Martin. Sometimes her and Gina (Tisha Campbell) would grace us with a song or two, but neither one of them […]

Vanessa Williams & Tichina Arnold To Star In Reality Show Parody ‘Daytime Divas’

Vanessa Williams & Tichina Arnold To Star In Reality Show Parody ‘Daytime Divas’ Vanessa Williams and Tichina Arnold will star in upcoming reality show parody Daytime Divas. The show will air on VH1 this coming June and is based on book, Satan’s Sisters, by former The View co-host Star Jones. Daytime Divas will following the […]

Leon Robinson, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Brian White, Tichina Arnold & Mekhi Phifer Star In Upcoming Stageplay “Things Your Man Won’t Do”

I don’t know about y’all, but I live for a good stageplay. A lot of people I know don’t really care for them because of all the singing or what not, but I love them because they’re live and I get to see the stars up close and personal. While I was scrolling Instagram the […]

Terry McMillan’s ‘A Day Late and A Dollar Short’ Is Headed To Lifetime Movie Network

I don’t know where the hell I been to not know that one of my favorite authors, Terry McMillian, has yet another one of her books going to film. Terry McMillian’s book A Day Late And A Dollar Short is headed to Lifetime Movie Network this April and is produced by Whoopi Goldberg. According to […]

Tichina Arnold Graces The Cover Of BE Magazine

Tichina Arnold graced the cover of BE Magazine. The Happily Divorced star dished on her career longevity, the impact of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, and her sister’s fight against lupus. Check out excerpts from the interview below: On her career’s longevity:  “I’m definitely blessed to BE doing the same thing that I’ve loved & that I’ve […]

Could There Be A ‘Martin’ Reunion???

Tichina Arnold best known for her role as “Pam” from the hit, iconic sitcom ‘Martin‘ chatted it up with Andy on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” on whether or not there would ever be a reunion. Although Tichina would be interested in the idea, there’s still the rift raft of the sexual harassment lawsuit between […]