Tank For Kontrol Magazine’s Sexy Body Issue

I don’t know about y’all but I can’t get enough of this man. Tank graces the cover of Kontrol Magazine’s Sexy Body Issue and he is looking oh so chocolaty delicious as always. In the issue, he talks about his upcoming album and wants to tell the world how he feels. “I’m really excited about […]

Tank On His Top Five Things That Make Every Woman Sexy

The oh so fine, R&B Maybe I Deserve songbird Tank sat down with Rolling Out to “Reintroduce the Language of Love.” Tank has always been known for driving us women crazy with his sexy physique and lyrics, but while chatting it up with Rolling Out, he let us in on the top five things that make […]

Evening Eye Candy: Tank

Ladies, I know you’ve all had a long day at work so why not end it with some sweet eye candy to look at before winding down. Enjoy!