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Is Social Media Killing Relationships???

Is Social Media Killing Relationships??? Social media is by far one of the fastest growing ways to connect with people across the world. Even dating all the way back to MySpace, I’ve connected with so many people I hadn’t seen in a long time as far back as elementary school. When I first joined MySpace, […]

Has Social Media Phased Out Dating Sites Like eHarmony &

I remember once upon a time, online dating was pretty much frowned upon or even kept on the low to say the least, but now it seems to be the thing to do if you’re single, ready to mingle and want to make a love connection. Back in the day, I remember seeing those eHarmony […]

Sharing Is Caring, But Why Tag Everywhere You Go On Facebook???

Me and Facebook have a love/hate relationship. I love Facebook for what it originally started about and that was to connect people all over the world and reconnect others in some cases. Facebook is the number one social media network out here and it has been known for helping people build online relationships, connect with […]

Being a SOCIAL MEDIA “Butterfly” Can Hinder Your Credit Score

“Birds of a feather, flock together” is their philosophy. Did you know that being a social media “butterfly” could hinder your credit score? Before you click the accept button for a friend request on your Facebook page or any other social media sites you better think again.  According to CNNMoney, some credit lenders are no longer relying […]

Business Tips: 7 Social Media Etiquette Tips For Job Seekers & Future Business Owners

Let’s face it: “big brother” is always watching. Whether you’re a job seeker or future business owner, it’s important that you always maintain great social media etiquette because you just never know. Some jobs are already demanding interviewees give their Facebook password. As a business owner, you have to beware of your social media etiquette […]

Social Media Break

I hope everyone had a really great weekend. I know there was so much going on in Atlanta with the BET Hip Hop Awards and all I really missed a lot of action because I stayed home pretty much all weekend, except for going to church yesterday. I took a much needed social media break […]