68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back

68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back While most of Americans are concerned with losing weight there are people that suffer from weight disorders that cause them to weigh below a healthy weight. Sarah Ramadan, Instagram name Fight For Growth shares her story via Instagram on how she struggled with […]

Refreshing Limeade Infused Water

  Come on admit it, you don’t quench your thirst right. Why? Because drinking just water can become a bit boring, leaving you to want to go after the high calorie drinks to satisfy your tastebuds. Drinking water day in and day out is not ideal, but what our body’s need. Prior to getting into […]

Sweet, Spicy, Everything Nice: Banging Meatless Recipe You MUST TRY

Have you heard of the rave and craze over restaurants appetizer Bang, Bang or Fire Cracker Shrimp recipe from restaurants like Red Lobsters, Bonefish, or Copelands Cheesecake Bistro?  Tried the recipe, loved it, want to mimic that fire crackery sweet taste but with a little less fat and calories? Thanks to ole faithful

Tiny Foods That Are BIG In Protein And Fiber

flaxseed oilTiny in size but big nutritional impact. Four surprisingly small foods that are high in protein and fiber. Sunflower seeds contains 6g of protein and 3g of fiber per 1/4 tbsp (source). Photo: Google Flax seeds contain 5g of protein and 8g of fiber per ounce. (Source)     Photo: The Hearty Soul (Google) Lentils […]

She’s Three And Cooking With Me

When kids are interested in learning, teach them. Lately, my daughter, who is only three has been interested in helping my husband and I prepare meals.  She wants to do anything she can to get involved with her parents in the kitchen.  Most of the time I would push off letting her help me and […]

STARTED From the BOTTOM Now I’m Here—Final Insanity Fit Test Results

Yassss my insane journey has reached an end, 60 days have never felt longer, but the journey was nothing less then amazing.  I not only got stronger physically but mentally.  The challenge to discipline your body through a regular workout regime is never just about your physical abilities and reshaping your outer appearance but more […]