Plus Size Fashion Blogger GabiFresh Stops By “The Real” To Dish On Style Secrets

Plus Size Fashion Blogger GabiFresh Stops By “The Real” To Dish On Style Secrets It always warms my heart to see a confident plus size woman who isn’t afraid to go against the grain and show off her thickness and curves and furthermore, says EFF society and their beauty standards. I was first introduced to […]

Charlotte Russe Now Carries Plus Sizes & I’m Excited!!!

WAYMENT… So y’all mean to tell me that I can go up in Charlotte Russe with my sister and actually shop for myself now other than buying a purse, shoes or a wallet or two??? Whoop Whoop!!! I don’t know where I’ve been or how long this has been in affect, but Charlotte Russe now […]

Changing The Way Society Defines “Plus-Size”: Check Out The HOTTEST Bodies In The Plus Size Model Industry

Taralynn In today’s society, plus-size is viewed as being unattractive. So many people look at you like you don’t belong and think that everyone is supposed to be a size 2 but that just isn’t possible. Everyone is unique therefore we all have different body types and frames. No two are the exact same and never […]

No Skinny Chicks Allowed: A Gym Exclusively For Plus Size Women

I was reading a very interesting article about a gym in Canada that is specifically catering to plus size women. The article states that “Body Exchange founder and CEO Louise Green told last week that she considers her gym is a “safe haven” for overweight clients.” As a plus size woman myself, I can completely understand […]

Does Being ‘Plus-Size’ Automatically Make You Unattractive???

In today’s society, it seems that people think that everyone is supposed to be rail thin or skinny. Growing up, I was always the larger of my sisters and whenever we were out and about together guys would always gravitate towards them. Not that I was looking for attention or even jealous for that matter, but […]