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CelebHERty Hair Share: Yandy Smith Shares How She Get The Perfect Twist Outs

Think what you will about celebHERties hair.  Truth be told, most of the celebHERty boss babes have long, luxurious manes. Often times we don’t get to see celebrities with their real hair because they so many jobs or things going on in life that it just make life easier to cover their natural hair with […]

Trim Your Child Hair At This Age Or Look Forward To A Haircut

Skip your child’s trims and they will need a haircut. Like annual physical exams are important to your child’s health so are bi-monthly hair trims to their haircare.  The overall health of your child is reflected in their hair, but maintaining a healthy mane also includes regular grooming. 

Five Benefits of Argan Oil For Hair

If you read the blog on the regular, you would know that I went natural going on four years ago and it was mainly because my hair was suffering from chemical damage. A little over three years ago, I realized that my hair had stopped growing past my shoulders. Now I’ve always had back length […]

10 Bad Hair Habits To Break For Healthier Hair

One thing we love about Hairfinity is they love to drop little helpful hints on how to get and keep healthy hair. Lately, seems everyone has been trying to get to a place where they want their own hair to be long and healthy. A lot of reality stars have been endorsing Hairfinity Hair Vitamins […]

Pics: Inside My Natural Hair Journey

I don’t know about y’all, but I love me some weave and have been rocking it ever since I can remember, probably when my sister started doing hair. About three years ago, I decided to go natural because the relaxers were just burning my scalp too bad and were stunting the growth of my hair. […]

All Natural Protein Sensitive Hair Mask Recipe [Video]

Protein sensitive? This all natural hair mask is for you that will help give your hair ultimate shine and strength.  It is infused with all natural ingredients: bananas, olive oil, Aloe Vera juice, coconut milk, and other natural oils.