Throwback Thursday: Back In The Day When I Was Young I’m Not A Kid Anymore………

Me at 5 months in my grandma’s crush velvet chair. OMG!!! Where does the time go??? I decided to do something out of the norm and that’s participate in this whole Throwback Thursday hoopla. So, I dug up some pictures of me as early as 5 months old and a few pics of my high […]

Year-End Goals: Here’s To Day 1 Of My 90 Day Challenge

As most of you know, I have been on a weight loss journey since around this time last year. I’ve had my ups and downs, slips and falls, but I’m so serious about losing all this extra weight and am on a mission to do so by this time next year. Another year is almost […]

My Face Is Beat: Makeup Worn For My Mom’s 50th Birthday Party

I’ll admit, I’m just like the rest of y’all who takes self portraits of themselves while getting ready to out, when I think I’m bout cute or hell just because. For the party, I was going for the whole Marilyn Monroe look as far as my hair goes and since I love the natural look […]

TractHer Tuesday: Weight Loss Update and Other Stuff

Well, well, well. December has snuck right up on me SO quick it’s not even funny! I still haven’t stepped on the scale simply because I know I fell off so bad last month and I’m really kind of scared to be honest. **Praying I haven’t gained not one pound** So, my sister Shan, is […]

Throwback Thursday: Back In The Days When I Was Young I’m Not A Kid Anymore

I was talking to one of my sisters who’s trying to shed about 40lbs as well, and she was like “seems like people who get over 200 just say f*ck it.”┬áSo that got me to thinking….. hmmmmmmmmmmm when did all this weight gain begin. I mean I know I am a junk food/sweet junkie, but […]

Day 14: Weight Loss Challenge Update

Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all a really quick update on my one woman weight loss challenge. Everything is going pretty good. I still haven’t stepped on the scale because I decided that I will just wait til the end of each month to see just how far I’ve come along for the […]