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8 Tips That Will Help You Shed Those Last Ten Pounds

Sometimes dropping the last ten pounds can be the most difficult task for a person to achieve.  Why, because the body becomes immune to the routine eating habits and exercises that helped it initially lose weight.  Therefore, dropping the last few pounds become more challenging to do.  Here are nine tips to help you reach […]

VIDEO: Buffie The Body Shows Us How To Shrink That Waistline With Albolene

Buffie the Body and Jazzy JuJu Bee joined forces to tell us how to shrink our waistline. In the 11 minute YouTube video, the ladies let us in on a little secret they use to help keep their waistline slim, trim and tight using a makeup remover called Albolene. Honestly, I’ve tried this method and […]

Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins Launching A Virtual 6-Week “Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt Boot Camp” Challenge

What better way to start off the year than to have a “sexy abs” challenge. The first of the year is always the time when everyone makes their New Year’s Resolutions with losing weight being one of thee most popular ones. Well, if you want to get motivated about getting some flat, sexy abs like […]

Tamera Mowry Shares Secrets To Dropping Her Baby Weight Without Surgery

Move over Amber Rose, you’re not the only one who believes in dropping your baby weight the natural way. ‘The Real’ talk show host Tamera Mowry has reached her weight loss goal and shed all her baby weight from when she had her son Aden who is now one year old. Tamera shared her baby […]

Could Green Coffee Beans Help You Lose Weight?

Get instant gratification without the use of harmful diet pills or surgery. When it comes to living a healthier life and exercising regularly, many people tend to want to cheat themselves and take the easy road.  Instead of making time to include a regular workout routine, people would just rather make the time to make […]

EAT, CHEAT, LOSE WEIGHT, & Keep The Pounds Off

Wouldn’t you love to eat more and cheat on what you eat and lose weight and keep your pounds off?  Wouldn’t that be the ideal situation? The best way to jumpstart your weight loss journey is to start by not telling yourself you are on a diet.  Your diet is simply what you eat.  You […]