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Loni Love & Tamera Mowry Dish On Reality TV Drama

Loni Love & Tamera Mowry Dish On Reality TV Drama One thing I love about ‘The Real’ is that the ladies dish on things that are really happening. Things that some of us are already thinking, but don’t have the platform to say. Loni Love & Tamera Mowry both dished on how they hate the […]

‘The Real’ Speaks The Real On RHOA Drama & Reality TV

  “If you don’t want to see African Americans or women or anybody fighting like that all the time, don’t watch it!” It’s that simple, at least that’s how Tamera Mowry and co-host of The Real daytime Talk Show feel about the reality TV drama, especially after the explosive reveals of RHOA reunion this past Sunday.  They […]

Comedian Loni Love Opens Up About Miscarriage [VIDEO]

Comedian Loni Love Opens Up About Miscarriage [VIDEO] When the ladies of ‘The Real’ get real, they really get real. Loni Love tearfully opened up about suffering a miscarriage during the show this past Tuesday. She starts off telling the ladies how she found out she was pregnant and before she could even get used […]

The Real Host Shares Their Memorable Moments Of Michelle Obama

Today on The Real during #girlchat the co-host reflected on memorable moments of the first lady, Michelle Obama. Loni Love I will remember 1st lady for Jumping Jacks and making her drink water. Tamera Very genuine. I remember when she asked my family to come and see her…..I just felt like she was my girlfriend we just […]

Loni Love Sets The Record Straight [VIDEO]

Loni Love Sets The Record Straight [VIDEO] Ever since the announcement was made that Tamar Braxton was getting fired from ‘The Real‘ everyone has been going crazy and giving their own versions of what happened and why she got fired, etc. ‘The Real’ issued a “joint statement” saying Tamar was leaving to work on her […]

Tamera Mowry Dishes On Her Insecurities [VIDEO]

  Let’s face it, as women, we all have insecurities whether it’s our weight, height, shape, lips, nose, hair, etc. Most of us do things to either hide or enhance them to make us feel better about them, but no matter what they’re still there. The best thing for us to do is just embrace […]