Interracial Dating

Why I’m Considering Dating Outside My Race

For many, many, MANY years, I have been a ride or die for the black man. For me, there’s just something about a dark-skinned man that really sparks every fiber in my being and gets me all hot and bothered just by seeing one. If you know me personally, you would know that I have […]

Eve Talks Interracial Dating: “I Gotta Say It’s Weird To Me That I’m With A White Dude”

Love sees no color…. Earlier this week, Eve stopped by Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez ¬†about her relationship and move to London with her billionaire businessman Maximillion Cooper. She dished on how people have been giving her a hard time over the past few years about dating outside her race and dodging the […]

Michael Baisden on Interracial Love: “African American Women Need To Wake Up And Expand Your Horizons”

I spend what seems to be like countless hours on social media, but in this business it’s pretty much a way of life. There are some times when you run across something that is actually worthwhile and makes you think a little. It’s funny how at times I get so much confirmation from other people […]

Interracial Relationships: Successful Black Women Who Love To Play In The Snow

There are a lot of black women out there, including me, that wouldn’t think twice about dating outside their race. I mean don’t get me¬†wrong I don’t knock those who do but I just love my black men. There’s something about black men that just make me melt, but there are a few sisters who’ve […]