Healthy Snacks

Recipe: Unfried, Fried-Like Onion Crusted Chicken Breast [Video]

What’s cooking up in TractHer TrailHer’s kitchen? It sure ain’t BBQ, it’s fried-like onion crusted chicken breast. This quick and easy recipe gets your taste buds moving with it’s crusted onion outside and juicy inside.  The secret to this recipe is its crust.  By using the french onion as a crust and baking the chicken […]

Have Your Cereal Without Milk……..Drink It [Recipe]

Cereal in a cup.  Have your cereal how you want it. This may sound weird to some, but there is more than one way to have cereal.  If you are creative you can have your cereal in several different ways.  The most traditional way to eat cereal is either plain dry cereal or cereal with milk. […]

Healthy Cookie Recipes For Fall

Molasses Cookies It’s that time of year again when most of us start indulging on sweets. I know I get started around Halloween and it goes from bad to worse there because next comes Thanksgiving then Christmas and with all that good food who in their right mind would resist. Sundays always put me in a […]

FGF: Special K Fruit Crisp Bars

Here’s another snack I have discovered and now absolutely LOVE, the Special K Fruit Crisps. There are two crisps in each pouch which are a total of 100 calories. They also have a really good vanilla icing layer on top and they are just delicious. The fruit snacks come in two flavors, strawberry and blueberry. […]