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Recipe: Unfried, Fried-Like Onion Crusted Chicken Breast [Video]

What’s cooking up in TractHer TrailHer’s kitchen? It sure ain’t BBQ, it’s fried-like onion crusted chicken breast. This quick and easy recipe gets your taste buds moving with it’s crusted onion outside and juicy inside.  The secret to this recipe is its crust.  By using the french onion as a crust and baking the chicken […]

Down 1/2 Inch Off My Waist In A Week

Shedding those inches off your waistline is a bit hard.  Especially when you get down to the wire and want to see those abs peeping through your skin. Recently we shared that Prissy In The City was starting a 60 day fitness challenge.  Well, I joined the group to help challenge myself to get to […]

Live Better, Live Natural, Be Healthier

As the fitness, health, and beauty blogger for TractHer TrailHer, I, alone with other bloggers in the Atlanta area were chosen to participate in Kroger Healthy Living Event.  As apart of my participation and post I’m sharing with you, I was gifted a $25 gift card and a swag bag with tons of goods from […]

3 Tasty Foods That Help Combat Fat

Being at a healthy body weight for you body is not just about the weight, but also about the amount body fat percentage that you carry.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “skinny fat girl” which is a girl who may appear to quite small but still carry tons of lose skin.  This is […]

Fresh or Frozen: When Do You Get The Most Nutrition Out Of Your Veggies? [Video]

Have you ever wondered when you get the most out of your veggies when the are fresh or frozen?  Do you prefer fresh over frozen vegetables because of this?  To answer your questions and concerns about which type of veggies are better for you health, watch below.