For Better or Worse

VIDEO: Tasha Smith Plays “Trust Him or Check Him” On ‘The Real’

Actress Tasha Smith is best known for a role as Angela from the Tyler Perry movies Why Did I Get Married & Why Did I Get Married Too where she is the stereotypical sassy, neck rolling black woman with an attitude who was dealing with her husband and his baby mama drama. Since then, she […]

Michael Jai White For Pose Magazine

For Better or Worse actor Michael Jai White is on the cover of Pose Magazine’s October 2014 issue. To be honest, I don’t have any idea what he dished on inside the issue nor do I really care. I just want to stop and look at him in all his chocolaty delish glory. I remember […]

VIDEO: ‘For Better Or Worse’ Tasha Smith Schools Arsenio Hall On Acting

For Better or Worse actress Tasha Smith stopped by the Arsenio Hall show to school him on his acting skills. In case y’all didn’t know, Tasha Smith is not only an actress, she’s also an acting coach and has her own studio as well where she hosts acting workshops, acting classes, etc. Watch the video below […]

Tasha Smith And Twin Sister Sidra Play Switch-A-Roo On ‘For Better Or Worse’ Cast

I’ve always wanted to be a twin so I could have the chance to play tricks on people and see if they could really tell us apart. For a long time, I had no idea that For Better Or Worse actress Tasha Smith was even a twin until I saw a picture of her sister […]

Tyler Perry Hires Bobbi Kristina For Season 2 Of His Sitcom ‘For Better or Worse’

After watching the Oprah interview with Bobbi Kristina on how she’s coping with her mom’s death, I realized that Bobbi is truly a strong  young woman who is very committed to carrying on her mother’s legacy. Over the weekend, I heard a little bits and pieces about her getting hired on with Tyler Perry for […]

Tasha Smith Talks Negative Sterotypes, Personal Branding and Black Role Models

From Tasha Smith is the around-the-way girl from Camden, New Jersey, who fans know as the feisty, boisterous, no-nonsense character Angela in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? movie franchise. The 41-year-old actress is unapologetically transparent about her personal struggles, including recovering as a heavy drug abuser. Now, the actress is appearing on […]