68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back

68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back While most of Americans are concerned with losing weight there are people that suffer from weight disorders that cause them to weigh below a healthy weight. Sarah Ramadan, Instagram name Fight For Growth shares her story via Instagram on how she struggled with […]

Shop & Burn: Fun Ways To Burn Over 100 Calories

  Did you know that you burn calories by doing just about anything even the stuff you already love to do?  Well let’s turn up the calorie burn while loading up the shopping cart!!! Study shows that thirty-eight minutes of shopping burns about 100 calories.  For me, that’s typically how long it takes me to […]

Bo Talley Dishes On Fitness & Beauty Secrets

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bo Talley who is a WNBA coach’s wife, mother of 5, and businesswoman all in one, but still makes time to keep her body right and keep it tight. Before her picture went viral, she has always been that ‘fit-girl’ as she was working on getting her athletic body […]

Fitness Goals: Harpo…. Who Dis Woman???

Fitness Goals: Harpo…. Who Dis Woman??? Who is this bad chick and where can I find her so I can get a body like that??? Okkkkkaaaaay!!!! So here I go again on my fitness goals for the umpteenth time and I’m determined this year to make it happen. I’ve struggled with my weight most of my […]

Being FAT is UGLY

Fat comes in many shapes and sizes depending on ones height and physical composition.  Being fat even look differently when comparing fat  from one person to the next. Fat, according to the Center For Disease Control, is when a person have a high BMI (Body Mass Index), which is an indicator of high body fatness.  When your […]

STARTED From the BOTTOM Now I’m Here—Final Insanity Fit Test Results

Yassss my insane journey has reached an end, 60 days have never felt longer, but the journey was nothing less then amazing.  I not only got stronger physically but mentally.  The challenge to discipline your body through a regular workout regime is never just about your physical abilities and reshaping your outer appearance but more […]