Black Women

Black Women vs. White Women: Are We Really That Different When It Comes To Relationships?

Last night I went to bed early, so as you only can imagine I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go to sleep. So, I popped in a movie, “The Brothers” to watch until I fell back asleep and when I saw the scene of Bill Bellamy and the white girl […]

Is Michelle Obama The Reason For The Media’s Obession With Black Women???

Every time you turn around, there is something being said in the media about black women. You’ve probably learned more about black women in the last four years than you have all your life. We’re single, refuse to marry outside our race, thick and proud, and let’s not forget the most unattractive women on the […]

Got Jesus? Studies Show Black Women Are Among The Most Religious Group In America

It’s no secret that black folks are religious. Steve Harvey let us all know in Kings of Comedy just how much his mother dragged him to church week after week, not to mention it’s an ongoing joke in the black community of how long our church services last. During slavery, it was belief in God […]

6 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Everyone wants to have healthy, long, beautiful flowing hair, but the question is: Is your hair really thick??? With so many people wearing weaves and extensions nowadays, it’s hard to tell if their hair has that fullness/thickness it portrays with the added hair. For the black community, most of us are going back to our […]

Study Finds That HPV Lasts Longer In Black Women

Research has shown that HPV, or┬áhuman papillomavirus, which is known to cause cervical cancer, has been found to last longer in Black women. A recent study performed by Kim Creek, a professor of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences of South Carolina College of Pharmacy in Charleston, studied the virus of the women enrolled in the school. […]

Vogue Italia’s “Haute Mess” Spread Makes Mockery Of Black Women

Vogue Italia must really have something against black people period. I guess they didn’t catch enough flack over the ‘Slave Earrings‘ they posted on their website last August, now they’re mocking black women with their ‘Haute Mess’ spread for their Over The Top issue. Since Vogue Italia is such a high fashion magazine, I guess […]