Beauty Tips

CelebHERty Hair Share: Demetria Mckinney Reveals Real Hair + Hair Care Products

Team weave free, Real Housewives of Atlanta Demetria Mckinney rocks a bun with her real hair(#bunlife.) This naturally curly head styles her hair into a curly bun and credits Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line for giving her this amazing, textured finish.  Want to learn how to create this look? Check it out below. Faux Bun […]

Beauty Tip: $ave Money Stop Overusing Your Hair Products Use An Applicator

Find yourself putting more and more of your money down the drain through overusing your hair products?  Going through your shampoo rather quickly these days?  Want to find out how you can give them most use out of your hair care products?  Use an applicator bottle when applying your shampoo. This simple yet powerful little […]

Oily, Sensitive Skin? What’s In Your Pantry That Will Combat Oil

Oily, sensitive skin? Haven’t found any products that gently remove the oils out of your without causing irritation?  Did you know that you might have a solution for your sensitive skin right in your pantry?  Corn Starch is the perfect solution to combating oily skin without causing irritation. Yes this may sound a bit crazy, it sounded that […]

Summer Ready? How To Create Big, Bouncy Body Wave Curls With A Flat Iron [Video]

Ever wonder how some of your favorite celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Evelyn Lozada to name a few achieve their big, bouncy body wave curls? We let you in on the scoop.  Yes, celebrities may have a personal stylist but that does not mean you too can’t achieve great hair.  With the proper hair cut and […]

Bad Hair Day: What Hair Advice Did Actress Tia D. Mowry Take From Fans?

Not every day is a good hair day, even natural girls with loose curls have a bad hair day. Actress, Author, and creator of NEEDS, Tia Mowry needed advice from her fans.  A few weeks ago Tia bravely posted a picture of her bad, curly hair day (photo to the left).  The twin stated that […]

What The Heck Is This Makeup Brush For?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of makeup brushes?  Or why your makeup application do not look as well blended and flawless as others? Did you know that each brush has its own job to do when applying makeup? In the above makeup brush guide you see various types of […]