STARTED From the BOTTOM Now I’m Here—Final Insanity Fit Test Results


Yassss my insane journey has reached an end, 60 days have never felt longer, but the journey was nothing less then amazing.  I not only got stronger physically but mentally.  The challenge to discipline your body through a regular workout regime is never just about your physical abilities and reshaping your outer appearance but more so about your metal abilities, to push yourself beyond limits that you never imagined that you could go.

When I first begin the Insanity workout plan, Shaun T helped you access your fitness level by incorporating the Fit Test, which test your heart and strength.  Day 1 my results were—

  • Swiss Kicks 89
  • Squat Jacks 43
  • Power Knees 89
  • Power Jumps 30
  • Around the Globe 7
  • Suicide Jumps 13
  • Plank Jacks 29
  • Spider Planks (couldn’t do push jacks) 48

Day 60 my results were—

    • Swiss Kicks 105
    • Squat Jacks 50
    • Power Knees 105
    • Power Jumps 38
    • Around the Globe 10
    • Suicide Jumps 15
    • Plank Jacks 20
    • Spider Planks (couldn’t do push jacks) 50

As you can see where I started and where I ended.  I am much stronger and not so much out of breath when kicking up my workouts.  My heart can endure much more and so can my body. I STARTED From the BOTTOM Now I’m Here.

Measurements Week 3:

Hips: 43″

Lower Abs: 31.5″

Mid Abs: 29″

Upper Abs: 29″

Left & Right Thigh: 22.75″

Left Arm: 11″

Right Arm: 11.25″

Measurements after 60 days:

Hips: 43.5″

Lower Abs: 31.75″

Mid Abs: 29.25″

Upper Abs: 29.5″

Left & Right Thigh: 23.5″

Left Arm: 11.5″

Right Arm: 11.75″


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