Sneak Peek: Hollywood Exes Season 2


Recognize they’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacck….

I don’t know about y’all but I caught season one of Hollywood Exes and it was sort of blah to me, but for some reason VH1 saw fit to bring these chicks back for season two.

Sheree Fletcher, Jessica Canseco, Nicole Murphy, Drea Kelly, Mayte Garcia, and Shamicka Lawrence are all getting ready to hit our TV screens again soon with their “woe is me I used to be married to an a-list celebrity” stories and “now I’m still trynna live that celeb life” so I had to get on TV and tell all my damn business about how bad my ex is.

They added Shamicka Lawrence, Martin Lawrence’s ex-wife after 14 years, who divorced for “unreconcilable differences” to the show. I wonder what she has to say about ole Marty Mart… I just might tune into the first few episodes to see what she talmbout!!!

Watch the sneak peek below:


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Season 2 will air Monday, July 8th on VH1 at 8pm EST. Will you be watching???

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